Warren devised a series of stratagems to win their confidence

plan, scheme, tactic, maneuver, ploy, device, trick, ruse, plot, machination, dodge; subterfuge, artifice, wile; archaic shift
The mistaken spelling strategem (on the analogy of strategy) appears about 20% as often as the correct spelling stratagem. Though the words stratagem and strategy are etymologically related, they came into English by different routes, and their spellings diverged merely as a matter of long-standing convention. What happened is that the Latin strategema became stratagema in Romance languages such as French. (The Century Dictionary calls the Romance spelling "erroneous.") Stratagem came into English in the fifteenth century, through French. But it wasn't until the early nineteenth century that English and American writers borrowed strategy (originally a Greek term) from Latin. Hence our incongruous spellings today. — BG

Thesaurus of popular words. 2014.

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